Always go with the best!

The staff consists of the highest quality experienced junior/middle, high school and college music teachers.  This ensures that an excellent music camp experience will be had for all students.  The ratio of staff to campers is approximately one staff member to six campers.

Each year at the beginning of the Final Concerts on Saturday, our Staff Trumpet Players

Perform the Star Spangled Banner:

Star Spangled Banner

Low Brass Sectional

Saxophone Sectional

Minde Hine

President & Camp Director

Hutington Beach, CA

Larry Hine

Vice President & Registrar

Hutington Beach, CA

James Douglass  

Founder, Father and Friend

Director of Bands, Emeritus

Oregon State University

March 9, 1936 - March 20, 2020

Dave Gable

Camp Director

Master Teacher and Coach

Corvallis Public Schools

Gene Burton

Music Coordinator

Concert Band Director

Director of Bands, Warner Pacific College

Portland, Oregon

Andrea Gardner

Director of Choir

Director of Choirs, Anchorage School District

Anchorage, Alaska

Noelle Freshner

Symphonic Band Director

Director of Bands, St Helens High School

St Helens, Oregon

Tim Wells

Jazz Band One Director

Director of Bands, Emeritus

Centennial Middle and High Schools

Gresham, Oregon

Austin Simon

Intermediate Band Director

Director of Bands, Meridian Creek Middle School

Wilsonville, Oregon

Travis Gardner

Recreation Director

Director of Physical Education, Anchorage School District

Anchorage, Alaska

Randy Solansky

Intermediate Band Director

Director of Bands, Memorial Middle School

Albany, Oregon

Mandy Burton

Concert Band Director

Highland Park Middle School

Beaverton, Oregon

Olin Hannum

Symphonic Band Director

Associate Director of Bands

Oregon State University